How does the
counselling work?

Confidential, independent and free of charge

Our counselling for young people and their families is confidential, independent and free of charge – and can also be provided anonymously if required. Counselling takes place in several steps.



In a first conversation, the facts of the case are clarified. What is the concern? What is the conflict about and who is involved in the conflict? What is the reason for the complaint and against whom is it directed? Such questions are intended to clarify how the Ombuds Office can provide support.

Contact via WhatsApp or Signal is for initial contact and general questions. Please note that for data protection reasons, further consultation takes place by phone, email, online chat, or face-to-face.


In counselling, we try to find solutions to the problem. Our work is based on the so-called Vier-Augen-Prinzip ("four-eyes principle"). This means that at least two professionals of the Ombuds Office reflect on the counselling process. The four-eyes principle serves the purpose of quality assurance and is intended to guarantee that our clients receive the best possible support.

The Ombuds Office can provide general information on legal topics, but it does not provide individual legal advice. Especially when it comes to family court, we must therefore refer to family law lawyers.

Capacity building

Our work is oriented towards the principle of Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe ("capacity building"). This means that young people and their families should be provided with the necessary knowledge to exercise their own rights. We also offer accompaniment to appointments with the youth welfare office to assist our clients in articulating their needs and concerns.

The counselling provided by the Ombuds Office is voluntary and can be terminated at any time. The Ombuds Office is subject to professional secrecy, i.e. no information is passed on to third parties.

Contact us

You can reach us Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 15:00 or upon request. Our counselling is confidential, independent and free of charge.

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