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Child and youth welfare services are to support young people in their development, but this support cannot take place over the heads of young people! Young people need to know that they have their own rights. And they need to know who to turn to if they feel their rights have been violated.


The term "young people" refers to all people who are not yet 27 years old. Up to this age, it is generally possible in Germany to receive support from youth welfare services.

The Ombuds Office advocates for the rights of young people

The Augsburg Ombuds Office is an independent counselling centre for young people in the youth welfare system. Many young people do not feel heard or understood by youth welfare authorities. They feel that decisions are being made over their heads. They want to have a say in how their lives are run. The Ombuds Office informs young people about their rights and offers support in case of conflicts with youth welfare services, e.g. conflicts in living groups, in foster families or other facilities.

The Ombuds Office stands up for the interests of young people in youth welfare. Our counselling service is confidential and can take place anonymously if required. Also, counselling can take place without the knowledge of parents or legal guardians.

How does the counselling work?


You contact us and tell us about your problem


In counselling we look together for solutions to your problem


We do nothing without your agreement. You decide what is done!

Contact us!

You can reach us Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 15:00 or upon request. Our counselling is confidential, independent and free of charge.

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