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We offer counselling for young people and families who have complaints against the youth welfare office or other youth welfare agencies.

confidential • independent • free of charge

For kids & teens

Are you tired of decisions being made over your head? Do you feel that you are being treated unfairly and want to have your say when it comes to your life? We inform you about your rights and support you in asserting your rights in the youth welfare system.

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For parents & legal guardians

You do not agree with decisions being made by youth welfare authorities? Do you have the feeling that your complaints fall on deaf ears? The Ombuds Office is committed to supporting the rights of parents and their children.

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What does Ombudschaft mean?

You have never heard of the Ombuds Office or the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child? Here we explain why Ombuds Offices exist.

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Contact us

By phone, digitally or on site. We are available Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 15:00.
Appointments are also possible outside regular opening hours!

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Latest news

  • Kostenheranziehung abgeschafft


    Seit dem 01.01.2023 ist die Kostenheranziehung von jungen Menschen in der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe offiziell abgeschafft!

  • Kinderfriedensfest


    Die Ombudsstelle ist mit einem Infostand zu Kinderrechten auf dem Augsburger Kinderfriedensfest vertreten!

  • Postkarten-Aktion in Augsburg


    Die Ombudsstelle hat eine große Postkartenaktion in Augsburg gestartet!

  • Ombudstelle in Augsburger Allgemeinen


    Die Augsburger Allgemeine berichtet über die Arbeit der Ombudsstelle!